Pro Nutrition

Corporate Identity and Web Design for Pro Nutrition


Pro Nutrition is a food brand that sells supplements for athletes.

The idea came from Arturo, its CEO, who already owns a gym for years and wanted to expand his market to national territory with his sports supplementation brand.

For the creation of the logo we chose a very robust and strong typography, like the users of this type of products.
The colors, red and black, represent the strength, energy and passion for sports that consumers of this type of products have.

This ecommerce, simple but very visual, focuses mainly on the product. Without too many ornaments or graphic resources, the web is mainly composed of its 2 corporate colors: black and red.


Ecommerce for Runakay


When we got the project of redesigning the Runakay smoothies and ice cream website, we were excited from the beginning and we took it with great enthusiasm.

The theme gave us a lot of possibilities to create organic compositions, flowers and plants.

We had to take into account two key aspects when redesigning the website: the products are 100% natural and vegan, so we had to represent that in a very visual way to be understood from the first moment.

Its colorful packaging makes it a very fun and young website, together with the resources of the flower prints and the visual and striking compositions with the products, make you want to try their products and visit their ecommerce.

Kivia Kosmetics

Logo Design, Website Design and Ecommerce Kivia


Kivia Kosmetics was created to raise awareness of the importance of Korean cosmetics in the Spanish market.
It is a project that mixes Korean culture with the increasing need to take care of your skin and look more and more beautiful for longer.

The logo reflects very much the oriental air on which it is based. The “K” of the word Kivia could be a character of an Asian alphabet, and the line that joins the two points of the “i”, simulates the bridge between the two cultures.

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