15 years Marly Camino

Logo, Brochures and Newsletter design for Marly Camino


Marly Camino is an international tourism company based in Madrid, dedicated to organizing experiences for people who wish to walk the Camino de Santiago.

Its main audience is located in several countries including the United States, the Philippines, Australia, Mexico and Venezuela.

After several years accompanying this company in the strategy and execution of its digital communication, this year we embarked on one of its most important projects: an omnichannel branding campaign, to give visibility to the 15th anniversary of the company.

After conducting a study and creative session with its founder, we designed the campaign “15 Years Inspiring Caminos”, 15 years Inspiring Caminos.

We continued with the creation of a specific logo to give visibility to the anniversary, always respecting its color range and typography.

The same was used in different materials such as masks, brochures and t-shirts as well as in digital brochures and publications in social networks.

15 Reasons Brochure

En la web también creamos publicaciones dedicadas en su blog. Una de ellas ofrecía al usuario un Ebook en el cual podían leer las 15 razones por las que hacer el Camino de Santiago, Razones creadas por los peregrinos de Marly Camino.
A la hora de diseñar y maquetar este ebook también respetamos tanto la tipografía como la gama de colores de la empresa, dando a este formato la buena energía que transmite Marly Camino.

Credencial del Peregrino

Decidimos plasmar en la web la celebración del aniversario, por ello creamos un Pop Up en el que ofrecíamos al usuario un regalo especial (lead magnet).

Este regalo consistía en una credencial del peregrino de Marly Camino, en la cual resaltamos todos los valores que aporta el Camino de Santiago con el diseño de los sellos emocionales, simulando así una credencial auténtica.

Campaña para Redes Sociales

En cuanto a redes sociales, realizamos una campaña de prelanzamiento #ShareYourReason (Comparte tu razón) en la que aquel peregrino que quisiera compartía con nosotros un video en el que contaba su razón para hacer el Camino de Santiago este año Santo.

¡Y obtuvimos tan buen resultado que no pudimos evitar juntar en un vídeo todas las razones de los peregrinos!

Este contenido generado por el usuario (user generated content) de aprovecho para tener además videos y testimonios de los peregrinos de Marly Camino.
Todos muy emotivos y reales.

Producción Audiovisual

Para la celebración del aniversario en redes sociales, realizamos la producción creativa y audiovisual de un vídeo “15 years Inspiring Caminos” en el que plasmamos la multitud de experiencias que Marly Camino ha vivido en estos 15 años, un vídeo en el que el sentimiento y la emoción están a flor de piel.

Con este proyecto, a parte de promover todo lo mencionado, también reforzó la idea de que cada vez es más seguro viajar, incrementando tanto la visibilidad de la marca Marly Camino como las reservas.

Royal Horse

Digital Marketing for Royal Horse

Client: Royal Horse

Royal Horse is a multinational company dedicated to equine nutrition and supplementation.
Their specialty is the nutrition of competition and equestrian horses.

They asked us to manage all the brand’s communication in Spain. The first thing was to create a feed according to the importance of an international brand.

Always respecting the corporate colors, we created a series of very striking and attractive publications both informative and transactional for the sale of equine feed products.

Silvia Funes

Web design for Silvia Funes

Silvia Funes is an expert in beauty par excellence, her 28 years of experience in aesthetic beauty make her one of the major references in this sector in the city of Málaga.

We had to capture on the website of her clinic all the potential that she, her team and her treatments have. Therefore, we created a website with golden and warm tones, very typical of the level of their treatments and the 100% personalized services they offer.

We reinforce the idea of professional treatments by putting real photos of the clinic’s clients, thus giving greater confidence and credibility to the potential user of these services.

RB Interior Design

Redesign and Social Media for RB Interior Design


RB is an integral interior design company that is dedicated to both private homes and retail, so we wanted to give the new website a feeling of union between these two sectors a priori so different.

It is a website where the images of the projects are predominant, almost like an exhibitor of the work done.

You can feel the warmth and closeness with which they work all projects, and we also wanted to capture that with some golden and black touches, with the elegance that characterizes this company.

Para la elaboración del plan de redes sociales usamos sobre todo imágenes de sus proyectos, para causar una impresión en el usuario que las ve.

Damos también consejos sobre decoración, tips sobre interiorismo y curiosidades de colores, materiales, muebles…

Así, poco a poco, hacemos que un red social que no existía crezca día a día con buen contenido y buenas imágenes.

Gin Drink Bruni Collins

Web Design for Bruni


Gin Bruni Collins is, according to its creator, “a Gin developed with passion”.

Based on this powerful phrase we developed its entire digital image, a fresh brand, with a tropical and young air. Because Gin Bruni is not just a gin, it is an attitude.

Gin Bruni is about having a drink with friends in the evening or a gin and tonic on a terrace after dinner to laugh and talk about all the good and bad things in life.

This is how we created the resources of the image of the bottle, because a product can become a whole universe of elements and transmit emotions at the first glance.

Based on the entire Bruni Attitude, we carry out a Social Networking plan, where friendship, companionship and love for family and spending time together with one of the best gins on the market are transmitted.

We always treat the subject with very well elaborated product photos, with educational content such as recipes or cocktails and above all with the joy of living and sharing.

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