Mimma Clou

Web Design for Mimma Clou

Client: Mimma Clou

The two girls who run the Mimma Clou Beauty Salon came to us to digitize their business and give it more visibility. Although they have been working for years in the sector, opening their own business is something very new for them, so we accepted their project with great enthusiasm.

So we created a simple website, with just the right sections for the potential client to be interested in the services and prices of the salon.
With illustrations and very feminine resources, we created a very organic website with nude tones, since Mimma Clou’s specialty is manicure and beauty treatments.

A website created with a very tight Dead Line, and very happy in all parts with the results obtained.


New Logo for Agile

Client: Agile sin filtros

Agile methodologies are those that adapt the way of working to the project conditions. Companies that use them manage their projects in a flexible, autonomous and efficient way, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Agile sin filtros is a platform of blogs, videos and podcasts that try to inform about Agile, its use, its application and its myths in a very close way.

It was decided to create the project due to the lack of information about it, especially in Spanish due to its recent incorporation in work teams.

Pro Nutrition

Corporate Identity and Web Design for Pro Nutrition


Pro Nutrition is a food brand that sells supplements for athletes.

The idea came from Arturo, its CEO, who already owns a gym for years and wanted to expand his market to national territory with his sports supplementation brand.

For the creation of the logo we chose a very robust and strong typography, like the users of this type of products.
The colors, red and black, represent the strength, energy and passion for sports that consumers of this type of products have.

This ecommerce, simple but very visual, focuses mainly on the product. Without too many ornaments or graphic resources, the web is mainly composed of its 2 corporate colors: black and red.


Web design for Sumum


SUMUM is a highly innovative brand that has become a benchmark in the enclosure sector. It operates nationwide through production plants (Toledo, Girona and Granada).

For the redesign of their website, we wanted to give it a much more modern and current touch, according to the quality of their products and the technology that is in them.

First, we removed the saturated colors such as fluorescent green and softened them to almost neutral pastel tones.

Then, we mounted the photos so that they would look great all over the web. If there is one thing that SUMUM windows provide, it is luminosity and space, so we needed a website that breathed the same breath as their products.

The result of the web is a catalog of their products in a much more uniform, clear and current way. With very well defined sections and minimalist style and predominantly white.


Logo design and Web design for Skyline


Fernando Ballester has been working for 8 years as an installer of technical curtains. His main value as a businessman is professionalism and speed and commitment when it comes to installing curtains.

When we were presented with this project, the first thing we needed was to renew the local image of a professional like Fernando; thus Skyline was born.

The creation of the logo as a company image was a challenge. We had to simulate in a subtle way the sector to which the company referred, leaving the conventionalism and giving a much more modern and minimalist aesthetic, since most of Skyline’s projects are developed in new or renovated premises or stores.

Playing with the name with an elongated typography and the square symbol that looks like a curtain, we managed to unite that aspect so current and elegant.

Para el desarrollo de la web seguimos con el toque minimalista, muy monocromo jugando simplemente con el blanco, negro y gris, dando así una apariencia de empresa profesional, elegante y contemporánea para algo tan esencial como son las cortinas de una vivienda o local.

Elite Plans

Web design for Elite Plans


Elite Plans is a Marbella based luxury car and property company on the Costa del Sol.

They are characterized by giving the most exclusive and personalized services to each of its customers.

Among the services they offer, there are high level Villas and unique car models in Spain, so the whole page has to reflect that exclusivity and “High Standing” that characterizes the values of the company and its commitment by and for the VIP client.

La página es muy minimalista, con clara predominancia del color blanco que denota elegancia y sofisticación.

Se juega con en contraste blanco/negro/dorado para crear visualmente sensación de lujo y riqueza.

Se exponen los productos, tanto Villas de lujo como coches exclusivos, en fichas con descripción, características y precio, para que el futuro comprador siempre tenga una idea clara y transparente del producto que quiere adquirir.

Es una página muy intuitiva y clara. Expresa a la perfección la misión y visión de crear un ambiente sofisticado y único del lujo en la Costa del Sol.

Silvia Funes

Web design for Silvia Funes

Silvia Funes is an expert in beauty par excellence, her 28 years of experience in aesthetic beauty make her one of the major references in this sector in the city of Málaga.

We had to capture on the website of her clinic all the potential that she, her team and her treatments have. Therefore, we created a website with golden and warm tones, very typical of the level of their treatments and the 100% personalized services they offer.

We reinforce the idea of professional treatments by putting real photos of the clinic’s clients, thus giving greater confidence and credibility to the potential user of these services.


Ecommerce for Runakay


When we got the project of redesigning the Runakay smoothies and ice cream website, we were excited from the beginning and we took it with great enthusiasm.

The theme gave us a lot of possibilities to create organic compositions, flowers and plants.

We had to take into account two key aspects when redesigning the website: the products are 100% natural and vegan, so we had to represent that in a very visual way to be understood from the first moment.

Its colorful packaging makes it a very fun and young website, together with the resources of the flower prints and the visual and striking compositions with the products, make you want to try their products and visit their ecommerce.

RB Interior Design

Redesign and Social Media for RB Interior Design


RB is an integral interior design company that is dedicated to both private homes and retail, so we wanted to give the new website a feeling of union between these two sectors a priori so different.

It is a website where the images of the projects are predominant, almost like an exhibitor of the work done.

You can feel the warmth and closeness with which they work all projects, and we also wanted to capture that with some golden and black touches, with the elegance that characterizes this company.

Para la elaboración del plan de redes sociales usamos sobre todo imágenes de sus proyectos, para causar una impresión en el usuario que las ve.

Damos también consejos sobre decoración, tips sobre interiorismo y curiosidades de colores, materiales, muebles…

Así, poco a poco, hacemos que un red social que no existía crezca día a día con buen contenido y buenas imágenes.

Kivia Kosmetics

Logo Design, Website Design and Ecommerce Kivia


Kivia Kosmetics was created to raise awareness of the importance of Korean cosmetics in the Spanish market.
It is a project that mixes Korean culture with the increasing need to take care of your skin and look more and more beautiful for longer.

The logo reflects very much the oriental air on which it is based. The “K” of the word Kivia could be a character of an Asian alphabet, and the line that joins the two points of the “i”, simulates the bridge between the two cultures.


Web Design for TNT Body Gym



That is the motto of Gimnasio TNT that we transferred to this portfolio.

A project that came with a basic problem and it was how to transmit on the same website its two business models so similar and different at the same time. A part of traditional gym with weight rooms and their new business idea: GymBoutique. A much more premium space for functional training.

After a situation analysis we detected that the GymBoutique concept was still something that was just beginning to be known, so the web design for this section was very focused on the understanding of the concept.

While in the traditional gym section we decided to focus more on their brand values such as effort and motivation.

Finally we managed to perfectly capture the difference between the two lines of business in the same website.

Alhambra Tickets

Logo and Website Design for Alhambra Tickets


We designed the logo for this project based on the Arabic writings of the Alhambra monument and all the calligraphic inscriptions found inside the Nasrid Palaces.

The symbol that predominates both in the logo and in the web, is a little piece of the Arabic mosaics, so represented throughout the Islamic culture of al-Andalus.

The earth tone that predominates both in the logo and in the Landing represents the color of the Alhambra at sunset, a wonderful sunset that captivates all who contemplate it.

Developing the landing was key for our client to be able to make Private Tours, since she is an Official Guide and needed that extra boost to get better benefits.

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