Corporate logo and Web Development for Omnia Agency


When we were commissioned to create the corporate identity for Omnia Agency, we knew from the beginning that the fundamental value of their company was sustainability.

That’s why we set to work to create a fresh, natural and organic image that would reflect the company’s mission and vision.

We wanted a logo with soft and feminine lines because of its creator, Cristina, a woman very involved in environmental impact.

We came to the conclusion to make an integral logo, including the use of circles within the word Omnia itself.

Following the line of the logo, we created a very green and eco website, where from the first glance you can see that it “breathes”, as the company’s own identity.

We continue including the resource of the circles in the logo to create unity and branding as a whole.

It is a fresh website, where it explains perfectly how you can do your bit to improve the environmental impact.

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