Web Design for Bruni

Client: ginbruni.com

Gin Bruni Collins is, according to its creator, “a Gin developed with passion”.

Based on this powerful phrase we developed its entire digital image, a fresh brand, with a tropical and young air. Because Gin Bruni is not just a gin, it is an attitude.

Gin Bruni is about having a drink with friends in the evening or a gin and tonic on a terrace after dinner to laugh and talk about all the good and bad things in life.

This is how we created the resources of the image of the bottle, because a product can become a whole universe of elements and transmit emotions at the first glance.

Based on the entire Bruni Attitude, we carry out a Social Networking plan, where friendship, companionship and love for family and spending time together with one of the best gins on the market are transmitted.

We always treat the subject with very well elaborated product photos, with educational content such as recipes or cocktails and above all with the joy of living and sharing.

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