Logo design and Web design for Skyline

Client: cortina-tecnica.com

Fernando Ballester has been working for 8 years as an installer of technical curtains. His main value as a businessman is professionalism and speed and commitment when it comes to installing curtains.

When we were presented with this project, the first thing we needed was to renew the local image of a professional like Fernando; thus Skyline was born.

The creation of the logo as a company image was a challenge. We had to simulate in a subtle way the sector to which the company referred, leaving the conventionalism and giving a much more modern and minimalist aesthetic, since most of Skyline’s projects are developed in new or renovated premises or stores.

Playing with the name with an elongated typography and the square symbol that looks like a curtain, we managed to unite that aspect so current and elegant.

Para el desarrollo de la web seguimos con el toque minimalista, muy monocromo jugando simplemente con el blanco, negro y gris, dando así una apariencia de empresa profesional, elegante y contemporánea para algo tan esencial como son las cortinas de una vivienda o local.

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