Web design for Sumum

Client: sumum.net

SUMUM is a highly innovative brand that has become a benchmark in the enclosure sector. It operates nationwide through production plants (Toledo, Girona and Granada).

For the redesign of their website, we wanted to give it a much more modern and current touch, according to the quality of their products and the technology that is in them.

First, we removed the saturated colors such as fluorescent green and softened them to almost neutral pastel tones.

Then, we mounted the photos so that they would look great all over the web. If there is one thing that SUMUM windows provide, it is luminosity and space, so we needed a website that breathed the same breath as their products.

The result of the web is a catalog of their products in a much more uniform, clear and current way. With very well defined sections and minimalist style and predominantly white.

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